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Airships at War

This solitaire game of World War I and early World War II focuses on the days when dirigibles rules the skies.  Silent in their approach and untouchable by cannon, they struck fear into the civilian population below.  Scenarios include historical and "what if" engagements.  Of particular interest in the hypothetical are airship aircraft carriers, where the balloons have planes hanging from trapezes.  Could the Japanese been stopped sooner with them?  Special rules for non-solitaire play are included.  The expansion game introduces the monster aircraft of World War I, the forerunners of the heavy bombers.

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Airships at War, New 3rd Edition

Play the silent giants from from both world wars in historical and "what if" scenarios.




The largest aircraft of World War I take to the skies: strategic bombers of Germany, Italy and Russia.  Ownership of Airships at War is required.



Bombers at War: The Battle of the Bismarck Sea

Not only did this battle mark the beginning of the end for the Japanese, it was also the first time a naval force was defeated by a non-naval opponent. Bombers at War does for airplanes what Airships at War did for Zeppelins.



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