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About Us

Ray and John both have a love of war games that goes way back into their childhoods when they would have friends over to play the latest role-playing game by TSR Hobbies, or dust off an old favorite war game from Avalon Hill.

The two of them came together while serving in Afghanistan.  The idea came up that, since they were already so familiar with the gaming business, why not try selling games themselves?  Ray had an e-Bay site set up where he was selling odds and ends from around the house and that became the launching mechanism for their idea.

After six months of selling on e-Bay (store name Ray and John Sales), they decided to advertise on the rest of the internet.

Ray is the accountant and manager for the business.  He has a preference to historical games.

John is the creative one and he favors fantasy and science fiction.  He is also a published author, having written the book The Necklace of Terrersylvanous.  You can find more information on John and his book at www.jhollandbooks.com

Their goal is to provide quality games world wide.  They do not sell computer games.  They respect that form of entertainment, but they still prefer the social aspect that only a good board game can provide.

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