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World War II

These games represent the World War II era, the most destructive time in human history. An estimated 60 million people died, 20 million of them civilians.  This page not only includes games from the war itself, but also events that led up to or took place immediately afterwards.

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Top Picks

Operation Barbarossa: Battle for the Danube

Minitature combat on the Eastern Front, 1941



West Front II

Block unit game of warfare in Italy, France and Germany. Compatible with East Front II and Euro Front.




Fire Brigade

Company level miniatures rules for World War II.



Red Vengeance: 1945 The Destruction of Nazi Germany

Three years after Defiant Russia, the tables have turned and now it is the USSR that is closing in on the heart of the Nazi empire.  An introductory level game.



Tiger of Malaya: The Fall of Singapore 1941-1942

Japanese rapidly advance down the Malayan peninsula to capture Singapore before Australian reinforcements can arrive.



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