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Warfare in the Pacific Ocean is characterized by great air-naval battles and desperate infantry struggles in jungles and islands.  No other war took place over so vast an area, over a third of the world's surface!  These games primarily pit Japan against China, Great Britain and the Commonwealth, America and the Soviet Union.

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Tiger of Malaya: The Fall of Singapore 1941-1942

Japanese rapidly advance down the Malayan peninsula to capture Singapore before Australian reinforcements can arrive.



Fire Brigade

Company level miniatures rules for World War II.



Airships at War, New 3rd Edition

Play the silent giants from from both world wars in historical and "what if" scenarios.



Bombers at War: The Battle of the Bismarck Sea

Not only did this battle mark the beginning of the end for the Japanese, it was also the first time a naval force was defeated by a non-naval opponent. Bombers at War does for airplanes what Airships at War did for Zeppelins.



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