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Front Series by Columbia Games

Using an innovative system of solid blocks, the fog of war and step reduction of units are easily represented in these fine games by Columbia Games.  The blocks are stood up on their side, with the strength hidden from the opponent until it is time to fight.  Each side of the block has one to four dots, representing its strength.

East Front and West Front are great stand alone games, or they can be played together with Euro Front to cover the entire European conflict, from the Spanish Civil War to the fall of Berlin.  For more modest tastes, a variety of games exist that focus on particular campaigns.

These games all use the same core rules, making learning other games in the series very easy.

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West Front II

Block unit game of warfare in Italy, France and Germany. Compatible with East Front II and Euro Front.



Euro Front II

Additional blocks and rules ties East Front and West Front together.  Covers the whole European conflict frm the Spanish Civil War to the fall of Berlin.



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