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Federation Commander

Experience the thrill of recreating the exciting ship to ship combat as seen in the Star Trek movies and TV shows, fight legendary battles from the Star Trek mythos, or create your own conflicts.  Federation Commander simplifies the popular set of Star Fleet Battles rules without losing any of the realism that made the original famous.

This line of games from Amarillo Design Bureau includes introductory games, complete core games, expansions, miniatures, fan-magazine and accessories.  There is even a card game that is complete by itself (no 12 card booster packs required to play!).

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"I have been impressed with your prices and service." - Shawn Splint, North Bay, Ontario

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Top Picks

Federation Commander: Romulan Border

Complete Core game pitting the Romulan Empire against the Federation of Planets. Includes complete rules, 16 ships and everything else needed to fight at the fleet or squadron level.



Squadron Box #3: Border Patrols and Mercenaries

7 scale model Ships from the Federation, Kzinti, Tholian, and Orion Fleets.



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