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Great War at Sea

The Great War at Sea is the sister game to The Second World War at Sea Series, and uses similar core rules of play.  The series covers naval actions from the Spanish American War in 1898 to Mediterranean engagements as late as 1923!

Play occurs on two sets of maps.  The operational maps show the boundaries that the fleets can maneuver in, as well as locations of ports and other key locations.  When opposing forces occupy the same operational location, play reverts to the tactical maps.  Fleets are broken down into their component capital ships and destroyer squadrons for ship to ship action.

Each module is complete by itself and covers a theme.  Besides the engagement that the title implies, each game comes with many scenarios the include other events during that time frame.  They range from small ship on ship actions that only use the tactical boards and take about a half hour to play to monster games that you had better reserve the whole weekend for.

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GWAS: U.S. Navy Plan Gold

Although France and the United States never fought each other, both planned for such a contingency. Remarkably, both countries anticipated the other's moves very well, allowing for an unusually realistic simulation of a hypothetical conflict.



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