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Eastern Front

Although much information about this conflict has been lost or greatly influenced by political ideologies, the Eastern Front is one of the most fascinating and exciting aspects of World War II.  No other series of campaigns in all of human history comes close to the scope of the fighting on the steppes of Russia.  It was in the Soviet Union that the true meaning of total war could be known as two entire empires fought to the death and the fate of the world hung in the balance.

The games here cover the fighting that took place primarily between Russia, Germany and Germany's allies.

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Red Vengeance: 1945 The Destruction of Nazi Germany

Three years after Defiant Russia, the tables have turned and now it is the USSR that is closing in on the heart of the Nazi empire.  An introductory level game.



Fire Brigade

Company level miniatures rules for World War II.



Euro Front II

Additional blocks and rules ties East Front and West Front together.  Covers the whole European conflict frm the Spanish Civil War to the fall of Berlin.



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